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Real Time Traffic News

School Run Traffic - Think Ahead

Increased congestion that includes millions of parents driving children to school in the mornings causes average journey times on some roads to triple.  Avoid delays by checking the traffic conditions before you start your journey, or set traffic alerts for your regular commute.


  • Call 0906 470 1740 from your landline, or 1740 from your mobile before you travel or during your journey for Live Traffic Reports.
  • Get instant access to live up-to-the-minute traffic and incident information for Motorways and Trunk Roads
  • Listen to the latest Weather forecasts

*Calls to 1740 cost up to 59p per minute, please check with your network operator.

Trafficmaster Traffic News

Trafficmaster is a leading provider of real-time traffic data in the UK.  Established in 1988, the business has built a strong reputation for supplying high quality, innovative and reliable traffic information from a range of unique data sources - helping to keep the UK's motorists on the move.

Traffic Monitoring Network

Traffic sensor
  • Trafficmasters network of traffic flow monitoring sensors are at the core of our unique and real-time traffic services
  • The network covers 100% of UK Motorways and 95% of Trunk Roads
  • Infra-red spot speed measuring sensors are deployed on Motorways, and automatic number plate recognition technology is used to measure journey times on Trunk Roads
  • Robust sampling techniques are used with all vehicles on the network potentially contributing to data generation
  • This is reported from remote sites to the Trafficmaster Traffic Monitoring Centre every 4 minutes, and is automatically processed to generate high-quality data

Congestion Charging Cameras

Transport for London
  • Our partnership with Transport for London, has facilitated the integration of the London Congestion Charge Zone Monitoring Cameras into the Trafficmaster network of traffic flow monitoring equipment.
  • This provides Trafficmaster with unrivalled levels of real-time traffic information within Central London.

Note: check the Congestion Charging website here for any changes to zones liable for payment.

Travel Incident Data

Control Centre
  • Our team of highly skilled Travel Operators, based in our Traffic Monitoring Centre in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, generate additional 'off-network' traffic events by working with third party sources such as Police Control Centres, The Highways Agency, National and Urban Traffic Control Centres and Local Authorities. 
  • This information is available on all UK roads

Sales Contact

Contact us by email or call 01234 759000 and ask for Traffic Information Sales